Creative Presentation Skills - Wild Card PR

Creative Presentation Skills - Wild Card PR

Creative Presentation Skills

Who would have thought we would use dragons, cases of ancient wine and football as the basis for development training? Wild Card certainly didn't!

From our conversations with the MD of Wild Card and with the participants themselves, we became aware that there was loads more energy and creativity to be harnessed from the group.

Their meetings and pitches can take place in a variety of environments, so they wanted to feel sure-footed in every situation, whether it be around a table, in front of a room of people, in a pitching meeting, or on the telephone.

Looking great just isn't enough at this level.

We devised a Creative Presentation Skills day, the aim of which was to define a shared team vision, and for the participants to feel able to perform to the best of their ability at client meetings.

Between us, we decided it was best not to focus particularly on their current PR issues, as it was individual presentation styles that they wanted to develop. Oh, and fun came very high on the agenda too!

We encouraged Wild Card to put forward their individual ideas and visions about improving client contact, within the 'safe' environment of our training room.

Creativity took centre stage and their talent was readily apparent from the gusto with which they took to the task!

This is where the Dragons come in! They approached our challenge by creating a fantastical view of how they function in work situations.

The scenarios bore little resemblance to anything they might usually work with - or to reality for that matter!

Selling the Joys of:

Bringing up a baby dragon!

Getting journalists to write about a case of the wine served at the last supper!

Business planning for a National fantasy football team!

This got them away from their need to 'get the Wild Card message across', something they were already very good at, and put the focus clearly on using their full creative potential to suitably serve a particular idea or product.

The participants realised that they could put the work into practice immediately, and were encouraged to have the conviction to do things differently, not needing to resort to PowerPoint every time!

They found the Creative Presentation Skills day inspiring, confidence-boosting and great fun.

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