Creative Business Reports - Which?

Creative Business Reports - Which?


Creative Business Reports


We were delighted to be invited to work with those pioneers and champions of consumer power - Which? - to provide them with a series of Creative Report Writing courses for their Insight Team,

The Insight Team are responsible for connecting research and information to illuminate business decisions.

In day to day terms, that includes reporting consumer and competitor trends from the wider world.

Investigating the important consumer issues of the day and exploring what people think of their magazine, website and other products and services the team then need to effectively convey their findings, conclusions and recommendations with clarity.

Impact Factory created a programme to help them to build on their best practice of providing objective, reliable and detailed feedback to their consumers.

In terms of creative reporting, our brief was to explore easy ways to collate, summarise and deliver their findings in lively, dynamic and engaging ways.

Which?.....and....Why? How? What? Where? When?


Long before it was ever fashionable, Which? has been around to burst the hype bubble surrounding products and services and to offer forensic observations on where we, as consumers, should be spending our money.

Very flattering indeed, that they decided to choose Impact Factory as their preferred training provider.

We enjoyed what we felt was an immediate rapport in discussing how Impact Factory might support their clear and ambitious brief.


Why? Well, because as ever Which? wanted to be as relevant and in tune with consumers as they ever have been.

They wanted time to reflect, to explore some new ideas and to think about some fresh approaches to add to their existing competencies. For others, it was about rethinking some of the more obvious stuff that we can all forget when our head is busily trying to get things written.


How could expert colleagues develop and flex their more creative writing muscles without sacrificing their strong foundations of integrity and trust? Foundations which date back to 1957, when their first magazine was published from a converted garage in Bethnal Green!

As to how we did it, well that would take more than a client snack to describe. Lets just say that our days were practical and interactive. There was talking, doing, exploring, testing and playing and of course a bit of writing too.


The What was all about helping Which? team members write reports that are:

Easy to read Easy to understand

and possibly most importantly

Easy to act upon

Our key imperative was to find ways to achieve this whist also respecting the different sorts of communication scenarios, including the very different writing demands expected of colleagues.


It was in Islington in our training studios. We often encourage clients to run their training days away from home base in order to give themselves time and space away from the usual pressures, daily demands and those interruptions that can happen back in the office.


It was just before Christmas last year that we eventually got together and in the spirit, there were Christmas crackers and puddings and plenty of cheer around celebrating the sorts of things Which? delegates already did successfully.

It was also precious time for a busy team to reflect on the practical ways, tools, and tips at their disposal - the small do-able changes that would make a huge impact on their future writing.

Which? also intend looking at how to translate this approach to report writing into engaging face-to-face presentation scenarios. As we know, different skills entirely are needed if people want to defy Death by PowerPoint.


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