Communication and Presentation Skills - Merrill Lynch

Communication and Presentation Skills - Merrill Lynch


Communication and Presentation Skills

Five years ago, one of our long-term clients, Merrill Lynch, moved towards centralising their training and offering a series of core programmes company-wide.

Impact Factory created a Foundation in Communication Skills training and a Foundation in Presentation Skills Training for junior to middle-level people within the company.

We have been delivering them for the company ever since!

Like so many financial institutions over the past two years, Merrill Lynch has faced some really challenging times.

However, unlike many other companies, they recognise that instead of putting soft-skills training on hold, running training is a terrific way to support their people.

Communication Skills

For Communication Skills, we look at rapport building, effective listening and questioning techniques, assertiveness and we spend time highlighting the resources, strengths and talents people already have.

Presentation Skills

In our Foundation Presentation Skills programme we look at each person's unique presenting style, how to stay in charge of the presenting arena, be it formal or informal, how to structure a presentation so it captures and holds an audience's attention and encouraging and handling questions.

What we like about participants from Merrill Lynch is their enthusiasm for what they do, their willingness to try out new things and their eagerness to take stuff they've learned back to the workplace and give them a go. They're bullish about training!

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