Communicating with Impact - SThree

Communicating with Impact - SThree

Communicating with Impact

'The biggest company nobody has ever heard of' is how the global specialist recruitment business SThree was described by one delegate.

SThree is growing and expanding into new markets all the time and they approached Impact Factory to create a day on Communicating with Impact for the IS department to support this growth.

They have been sending 8 of its team each month and gradually over a year the whole team will get an Impact Factory experience.

Soft Skills Fluffy Stuff

The trepidation that some people had of what this course in 'fluffy stuff' was going to require of them was an early hurdle to get over.

Such comments 'Oh God will there be roleplay?' and 'Am I going to have to do that in front of my boss?' were heard.

So the first job was to let people know how we work: looking at strengths, practical 'do-able' changes, that there is no 'right' answer and that we like to have fun!

Very quickly our delegates were describing the weird and wonderful things from their past in order to discover more about each other and get the ball rolling.

Focus on the Individual

The brief was to focus on what each individual would find useful from a day looking at their communication style - and each day has had a slightly different flavour, some concentrating on making meetings more effective, some on presenting skills and some on creating firmer boundaries around managing workloads.

The engagement and determination to make communication better within the IS department and across the organisation meant that each group was prepared to work outside of its comfort zone, discussing and working on real situations that were relevant for them.

What has been so inspiring about the IS team is how loyal and passionate they feel about SThree and their department and the strong sense of commitment to each other.

This is very apparent when we do our last exercise where people give each other feedback on what each individual's strengths are, a fantastically uplifting way to end the day.

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