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Change Motivation and Morale

Project Boost

Impact Factory has been involved in creating and delivering a powerful Motivation and Morale Raising Programme for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

Dealing with on-going change, improving communications and dealing more effectively with conflict.

It aims to give people a greater understanding of the impact of change, to support them in building and maintaining good morale and working relationships and to help motivate people to achieve in a high performance organisation.

The Motivation and Morale Raising Programme is very popular and everyone in consumer healthcare will participate by the end of the year.

Our favourite pieces of feedback so far?

Client Feedback

"I've been on a lot of courses... and can't remember a better one. It held our attention so well because it was so inspiring and interactive"

"I've found some things have been very different already for me"

"Thanks to all involved for an excellent initiative"

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Motivation and Morale Raising

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