Change and Innovation - Roche

Change and Innovation - Roche

Change and Innovation

"Impact Factory are certainly an organisation who deliver the goods..."

A new team from Roche were chosen to help support key change initiatives across the highly innovative global healthcare company.

Roche is a highly innovative, research-focused global healthcare company with a mission to improve the quality of life and well-being of people in the UK by delivering innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

They create and develop products that provide vital information on a range of conditions and are proud to be at the forefront of the fight against cancer.

Innovating Services

Not only are they innovating services, products and brands but the company itself changes and adapts to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving global market place.

Roche's Emma Lambert Innovation & Change Manager was tasked with bringing together a new team to support key change initiative across the company.

She contacted Impact Factory to see if we might help support her in this new initiative.

Change and Innovation Programme

We put their heads together and, liaising closely with Emma, designed a tailored Change and Innovation programme for the team.

The first day at Welwyn HQ saw the new Change and Innovation Team come together for the first time some members flying in from Europe and The States.

They had a substantial task ahead of them but with their energy and enthusiasm, the team was ready for the challenge.

On day one we worked with the team to explore strategies to help them move forward and, more importantly, find ways to deliver on that strategy with passion, commitment and energy.

By the end of the day, the road ahead seemed much clearer and the team could see the route they might take.

Day two was Innovation Day

Now the team had more of a cohesive plan we looked at how Roche might expand their culture of innovation across the entire organisation.

The team learnt new tools and techniques to further tap the well of creativity within Roche.

After a fast-moving and fun day full of interactive processes, each member of the team had explored their own unique approach to creativity.

They were now ready to venture out as a team and support the innovation and changes ahead.

A few days later Emma emailed to say that the feedback had been wholly positive and that both the attendees and the wider organisation would benefit from the training.

She added:

"We loved your approach and enthusiasm. In short, you were fabulous. Impact Factory is certainly an organisation who deliver the goods!"

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