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Business Pitching Skills - Hewitt Associates

Pitch Perfect - Hewitt Associates

Hewitt Associates Investment Consultants, Actuaries and Account Managers are vastly experienced and very good at what they do.

They have a high calibre of technical expertise and leading-edge thinking. Many have been in the business a good number of years and have excellent track records.

Business Pitching Skills Training

We are currently rolling out a three-module Business Pitching Skills Programme designed to enhance the 'pitching' strengths of these capable people.

Key to this work is helping people create good working relationships with their potential clients by establishing empathy, getting to know their business and honing listening skills.

All of these contribute to being able to hear a business need which may be outside someone's own remit and then being able to fulfil it.

People Skills

These are skills people are not normally called upon to use and this adds to the pressure they are under, especially in a successful company.

Impact Factory is exceptionally good at making pitches.

Indeed, our conversion rate from face-to-face meetings is 90%, and we know there is much expertise that we offer that can make the whole business pitching process easier and more enjoyable.

Business Pitching Skills Training

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Business Pitching Skills Programme

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Business Pitching Skills Training