Influencing Skills - BT

Influencing Skills - BT

Influencing Skills

We spoke at the BT Women's Network in Birmingham on becoming an effective influencer.

We explained key factors that stop people from being effective.

During the course of this talk, we explained that the key factor stopping most people from being as effective as they could be is their feelings about the consequences of their actions.

Imagined Consequences

We spoke about the way most of us routinely imagine consequences far in excess of what might actually transpire and then gear our actions to those imagined consequences.

In other words, we make things up and then act as though they are true.

Simple Tools

The session also looked at some simple tools and techniques for combating this problem, including working with status, assumptions, boundaries and the "art of saying no".

The reception was excellent; so much so that we have recently been asked back to speak to the Women's Network in Cardiff.

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