Storytelling: Who Doesn’t Love a Story?

Published on 26 May 2015 at 11:28 am #assertivenesstraining #communicatewithimpact #communicationskills #impactfactory #softskillstraining #storytellingskills

Did you know there are libraries around the world where you can check out people as well as books in order to listen to their stories? What a terrific idea!

In 'my day' these people were called grandparents, aunts, uncles and old family friends, but as the nuclear family has faded so has the immediate access to tall tales, intriguing family history, meandering story lines that can be put down and picked up again later.

What's great about the human library books is exactly what great storytelling is all about - each storyteller will have his or her own unique experiences, told in his or her own unique way that imparts adventure, insight, romance, drama, mystery, tragedy, humour.

We all learn from stories. We all love stories.

Anyone with children knows that once hooked on a story they want to hear it or read it over and over and over again. Or they want to watch their favourite film again and again and again to relive all the best bits.

Stories are one of our oldest forms of communication so the desire to learn through stories is built into our psyches - everyone relates to narrative.

Look how we are affected by ads that tell a story rather than just sell a product - we want to know……what happens next?

Impact Factory has been running Storytelling workshops for only a few years, but this year we've had an explosion of requests from regular and prospective clients on Storytelling. The most recent one was this week where an organisation asked us about creating a course for their senior team because their company has gone through a lot of uncertainty recently. Their thinking is that storytelling would be a powerful way to convey their new strategy and to re-engage with their people who have been through a lot.

We agree.

Whether it's presenting new strategies, facts and figures, plans for the future, challenges ahead or even changing the office layout - pretty much anything at all - using a storytelling format will bring those presentations to life, touch people's imaginations and emotions and allow the presenter/s to be more creative and expressive.

Be more compelling, use colour and imagery, create drama - use stories.

Check out Impact Factory's Storytelling and Communication Skills courses.

By Jo Ellen Grzyb, Director, Impact Factory