On Craftsmanship and Mastery

Published on 22 July 2014 at 11:18 am #impactfactory #opencoursesinlondon #softskillstraining

Most people who know our director Jo Ellen, will know she gardens, which also means she gets gardening magazines.
The latest issue of Gardeners' World magazine has an article by television presenter, writer and speaker, Monty Don, on craftsmanship. The last bit could have been written about Impact Factory!

Here's a passage from the article:

In the making of (Channel 4's) Real Craft, all our trainees learned that, above all, application is the key. Stick at it and gradually the skills accumulate. Very slowly, real, lasting mastery is acquired. But to follow this path you must trust in the values of the end product. You must revere beautifully made objects and the skills that achieved them. In our gardens at least, we seem not to do that. Speed and ease is more precious, 'Low maintenance' is a term of approval, implying there are many other thing more worth doing with the time saved. But what if we applied ourselves to our gardens like a Japanese master? If the hours of patient work were valued as tiny steps to the goal of mastery? If our tools were treasured like rare jewels? Would our gardens be better for it? Not necessarily. But we might be.

View an image of the article here