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Published on 30 July 2015 at 4:27 pm #assertivenesstraining #businessnetworking #communicatewithimpact #coursesinlondon #impactfactory #opencoursesinlondon #trainingcoursesinlondon

We love food references. We particularly like offering people a 'taste' of our work, so they get a flavour of our style. Choosing from a buffet of early morning tasters, clients and prospective clients get a hands-on experience of the menu of Impact Factory courses.

OK, enough with the food metaphors.

Our next Taster (sorry) will be Train the Trainer on Wednesday 9th September from 8.30-10.

We're great at delivering Train the Trainer courses because we know that quite a few people fall into training without having set out to do that on their career path. They often have a natural flair and get on with people really well, necessary qualities in a good trainer.

In-house trainers usually have a grounding in the basics of what happens when they stand up in front of a group of people to deliver a training. Taking a Train the Trainer course gives them a lot more which I wrote about in two previous blogs (June 2015 and May 2015): handling tricky delegates, getting feedback, gaining confidence.

This blog is all about Impact Factory and why we consider ourselves masters at Train the Trainer.

Impact Factory doesn't hire training deliverers, we grow our own. Prospective trainers come to us with a variety of skills and backgrounds and with little or no training experience - just as we like it.

They have to undergo a rigorous two year internal training process with us before becoming an Accredited Impact Factory Training Consultant.

That's a lot of hours learning to become a trainer. It's why we have such a great group of trainers ourselves and why they are so accomplished. They are steeped in our ethos and methodology, learning the enormous range of processes, games, exercises, tools and techniques that go into our programmes.

As, if not more importantly, they learn to think on their feet, adapt programmes to suit the people in the room which means people able to chuck out the programme in front of them in order to make it relevant to the delegates who show up.

Our Train the Trainer programme has condensed the very essence of our internal training programme into two action-packed days, and our early morning session on 9th September condenses those two days even further into an action-packed 90 minutes.

As a 'tastee' you will gain insight into how our trainers get the 'feel' of a room, how they create energy, how they put people at their ease and 'bounce' them into exercises. You will get an understanding of our principles and how they drive our approach to training. And you will see how an exercise can be changed and adapted to address different delegate needs.

The following feedback sums up our Train the Trainer programme perfectly:

Southeastern Railway

"I discovered a wonderful source of inspiration; your incredible gift of ideas allied with wonderful nuggets of wisdom I found Impactful, valuable and insightful. You so adroitly combined practical wisdom, humour, and serious content in a lively yet powerful and professional style! "

This is a great opportunity for you to meet some of our Accredited (and very lovely) Training Consultants, learn more about our ways of working and have a go at some of our exercises, processes and games.

If you come along to our Breakfast Taster (with real food) you can consider it a feta complis (sorry).

Check out Impact Factory's Train the Trainer courses.

By Jo Ellen Grzyb, Director, Impact Factory