Assertiveness Training

Or rather as we like to think of it 'The Art of Saying No'.

These programmes deal with Assertiveness Issues form basic to advanced.

They offer key techniques to deal with Bullying, Confrontations and Difficult People.

We look at concerns of not being liked, offending others, setting effective boundaries and being able to say no when needed.

Learn how to say "No" without having to change who you are.

Assertiveness Trainingassertiveness training

The Art of Saying No

There you go, you've just said yes to something you know you should have said no to.

How did it happen this time?

How did they get that one past you again?

It could be that your company have a culture where being 'nice' is applauded and encouraged but gets people into difficulties when they need to be a bit tougher or more assertive with clients or customers.

It could be that if you have a call centre you might need assertiveness training for your staff to be clearer and more assertive with your customers without alienating them and giving them a hard time.

It may even be that there are pockets of bullying or what appears to be bullying and you need assertiveness training for some of your people to be able to deal with the bullies more effectively.

In a healthy professional workplace, we have to be able to set clear boundaries around work demands and pressures.

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Tailored Assertiveness Training

A Tailored Assertiveness Training Programme can help delegates discover what works for them, without resorting to difficult behaviour themselves.

Working in small groups, two experienced facilitators use game-play, role-play and other experiential processes to get each individual to see exactly what is possible for them in order to feel better about themselves and their situation.

Whatever the assertiveness issue or issues, we can create a tailored assertiveness training programme for your company designed to help delegates appropriately manage workload, time pressure and people pressure.

Tailored specifically to each group "The Art of Saying No" is Assertiveness Training designed to reach the issues ordinary assertiveness training can't touch.

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Assertiveness Training

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