Advanced Presentation Skills Training

We are now running tailored training face to face.
We are also offering fully remote training.
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Advanced Presentation Skills Training

Once you're over the initial hurdle of getting your confidence up.

Then you have some experience of presenting.

Advanced Presentation Skills is the training that will turn you from a competent presenter into a brilliant presenter.

Why Advanced Presentation Skills?

Our Advanced Presentation Skills Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific presentation or public speaking issues within your company.

You may have identified a group of top presenters in your company who could make a dramatic difference to your bottom line if they were just a tad better than they already are.

Perhaps you have people who think they are the bee's knees when it comes to presentation content but really do need to sharpen up their presentation techniques.

Maybe you have a number of people who are very good at making presentations but are getting a little stale and relying too much on their PowerPoint to do their presenting for them.

Or you may simply want to give your more advanced presenters a real stretch to get them from the best to brilliant.

Even the oldest of old hands could use some sprucing up just to make sure they don't go stale or get stuck in a presentation rut, doing the same jokes and dusting off old material and PowerPoint slides.

Competent Presenters

You've mastered the sheer terror of standing up in front of a group of people.

You're proficient at solid preparation.

You can field tricky questions

And you can rightly consider yourself a skilled and confident presenter.

Brilliant Presenters

Now there are a whole host of more advanced areas where you can work at becoming the best presenter you can be.

We have one client who runs refresher presentation courses every nine months or so just to keep their people's presentations fresh.

Advanced Presentation Techniques

So what else could you do to advance your presentations to a new level?

Perhaps you need to take a more creative approach to putting together a presentation, make it less linear or have fewer (but more potent) slides.

Perhaps you could become even more adept at handling difficult or hostile questions, or just get better at encouraging people to ask questions during the obligatory Q and A.

Maybe you need some extra practice in adapting your material on the spot for different audiences.

Skilled Presenters

Even skilled presenters will have one or two nightmare scenarios where things don't go according to plan or the audience is more hostile than expected or it seems easier to get wrong-footed that usual.

Experienced presenters have credibility, authority and finesse.

Experienced presenters always know there's something else they could learn or have a go at.

Whatever your needs are we can tailor an Advanced Presentation Skills Programme to help your people shine in the presenting arena.

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Advanced Presentation Training

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