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About Us

The ordinary, run-of-the-mill and predictable just don’t do it for us here at Impact Factory and frankly, we prefer clients who feel the same way.

Traditional training often tends to be about doing something over and over again until people learn it. That works just fine for subjects such as IT training, but for soft skills training, it can undermine the very confidence it is trying to build.

Our soft skills training seeks to develop the individual by offering options, choices and changes in perspective and attitude.

People must feel recognised for what they do, so our personal development work will usually start with a look at what is already being done well so that people feel recognised and acknowledged for their strengths. This creates enthusiasm and sets the tone for a positive and productive day. When people are encouraged to develop their inherent skills as an individual, they will quickly get to a place where they will want to put them into practise. This is the underlying aim of all our work.

Here’s our summary of why we’re different:

1. There is no right way, only what works for you
Every individual learns differently so we tailor all our training to suit the needs of our delegates. 

2. We build on your strengths
People respond best to positive feedback so we make the most of what works about you already.

3. It’s more than just training
It’s personal professional development. 

4. Small changes = BIG impact
We equip you with techniques and knowledge that you can draw upon as and when you need to, by recognising their various levels of impact.

5. We don’t hire trainers, we create them
Our trainers live and breathe the Impact Factory brand.  Each undergoes an intense 2 year programme to ensure the company values, techniques and knowledge is embedded completely in their every delivery and connection with people.

6. We employ an experiential approach
We don’t want to put ideas in your head about how or why an exercise or technique may work.  We’d rather you draw your own conclusions and then we can explain theory to give you a deeper understanding.  Try it first, think about it later!

7. Two trainers work with every group
We work with small groups, but we always put 2 of our experts in the room so that each and every person receives the individual attention they deserve.

8. We are relevant and practical
Everything you learn will be immediately applicable to both the personal and professional elements of your everyday life.

9.  We are always here
The training room is just the beginning - we stay on hand for your questions, comments and feedback for good.

10. We have fun!
We always make sure everyone has fun with us because life’s too short not to!

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