Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training Objectives

  • stress management trainingPressure and Performance Management
  • Common Causes of Stress
  • The Symptoms of Excess Stress
  • Personal Stress Audit
  • Identifying Pressure at Work
  • Identifying Pressure at Home
  • Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Characteristics of Well-Managed Stress
  • Setting Clear Boundaries
  • The Psychology of Changing Behaviour
  • Making Appropriate Behaviour Changes
  • Change Without Causing More Pressure
  • Identifying and Managing Stress in Others
  • Distinction between Pressure and Lack Of Ability
  • The Link between Good Communication and Decreased Stress

Stress Management Training

Everyone is under stress and pressure of some sort for most of their working day and their home life.

The sort of stress we see as a challenge or an opportunity is usually very stimulating and perceived as a good thing.

However when things are piling up and there is not enough time to get through everything these same pressures can become anxiety-making and depressing and can even make you sick.

Being able to manage pressure and stress successfully can transform the workplace for many people.

Every company has pressure - foreseen and unforeseen.

Every person has pressure - foreseen and unforeseen.

Pretty much all of us need some form of stress to keep us motivated: deadlines, increased responsibilities, new colleagues, changes from on high. You could say this is good stress.

Stress that can make us feel overwhelmed and buckling under the pressure, that might be called 'bad' stress, could also include: deadlines, increased responsibilities, new colleagues, changes from on high.

That's the thing about stress - it's different for everyone.

But there are some things that may happen in your company where it would be hugely beneficial for people to have some form of stress management so they can learn to deal with the pressure more effectively.

Try this stress management checklist

You may be noticing a drop in productivity
Increased absenteeism
Short tempers and arguments over the petty things
Important issues being ignored
People may be missing deadlines
Not giving your customers and clients the attention and courtesy they require
Spending time at work being distracted
Working far more hours than they should
Never quite get caught up on their work

These are useful indicators that people are feeling the pressure and could use some support. Stress management won't make the things that cause the stress to go away, but it will give people some really useful tools to help them cope and feel better in themselves.
Stress Management

Our Stress Management Training helps people recognise the impact of excess pressure on themselves and others, and enables participants to be more effective at work and at home.

Tailored specifically to each group, Stress Management is designed to help employees and managers better deal with the pressures of the modern workplace.

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Stress Management Training

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