Quicker Better Meetings Training

Facilitation and Meetings Training Objectives

  • We just "Go Round Again" in Meetings
  • Difficulties and Delays that you can see comingmeetings training
  • Adjusting your Status to fit Circumstances
  • Turning an Argument into a Discussion
  • Dealing with Blame and Conflict
  • Working with Emotional or Unfocused People
  • Seeing Things from 'The Other Side'
  • The Dynamics that are at work in Meetings
  • Roles that People Take or are Given
  • Games People Play
  • Working as an Objective Observer
  • Get a Powerful Message across in 30 Seconds

Everyone has Meetings

They are a necessary part of any functioning organisation.

That said, think of how often they end up being time consuming, frustrating, wasteful and just downright infuriating, as they seem to go round in circles, cover old ground and review reports of things agreed last time that seem to have melted away.

A meeting is a group of people who come together because of a (supposedly) common goal.

Now, groups should work because everyone is part of this whole.

However, everyone is also a whole person in their own right with views, opinions and ways of working which won't always be in tandem with everyone else.

For the whole to work well all its parts need to be in some form of accord. They don't have to agree on everything, but they do work best when their purpose is clear and there are agreed working practises.

When this doesn't happen, meetings aren't quicker and better, they are torture!

To help you have those quicker better meetings, you can develop your understanding of how groups of people interact, and learn skills to keep meetings on track, on purpose and doing what they're supposed to do.

Even when it's not your own meeting!

Tailored specifically to each group our Meeting Skills Training Programmes are designed to help delegates achieve shorter more productive meetings wherever they work.

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Meetings Skills Training

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