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Our role player /facilitator team gives you access to a huge range of skills and experience.
This is a team of role players who are hand picked to give a range of diversity, attitudes, backgrounds, education, politics, race, physicality, eye colour, hairstyles and shoe size.

From medical patients to jury witnesses, catering assistants to criminals, police officers to social workers; indeed almost anything you can think of, someone our role player team will have dealt with it before.
So - Anything is possible!

The USP of our Impact Factory recognised role players is that each one has been vetted, nurtured, trained and welcomed by us into the exceptional family of talent that is Impact Factory.
And as a member of that family, they don't work for us, they workwith us and in turn, they'll work with you.

All of this means that if you pick an Impact Factory recognised role player to work with, we and you are in a partnership; and in our book, partners show and share respect, patience, experience and fun.
So we invite you to work (and role play)with us.

Corporate Role players

Kate Arneil - Actor Role player Trainer

Kate's cast roles include Sondheim and Lloyd Webber shows, a wonderful sideline singing Gershwin with the late Larry Adler and trips round the world as a solo artist on the QE2.

A native Glaswegian Kate studied acting at Rose Bruford college and left with a BA Hons, able to play a great range of parts, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Moll Flanders... then the front end of a pantomime horse. The devil in a new play by Alan Ayckbourn... and a policewoman hunting Gary Linneker on one of 'those' adverts.

Kate had great roles in the original London casts of Sondheim and Lloyd Webber shows, and a wonderful sideline singing Gershwin with the late Larry Adler, which led to trips round the world as a solo artist on the QE2.

At Impact Factory Kate has worked with a wide range of clients including HMPS, Somerfield and Lucky Voice.


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