Motivational and After Dinner Speakers

Motivational and After Dinner Speakers

Key Note Speakers

Corporate Events

Our speakers use humour, story-telling and even interactive activities if appropriate to energise and motivate your audience. Using someone from outside your business can bring an extra, creative and motivational dimension to your event.

Our Motivational and Corporate Events Speakers are top-notch communicators and speakers guaranteed to liven up your conference, lunch-time or after-dinner slot, seminar, exhibition or keynote spot. 

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Motivational Speakers

From an Institute for Stress Management annual convention to a British Airways Marketing conference to the Cosmo Show to a lunch time talks at Glaxo SmithKline, BZW and Swiss Re to Nike conventions and corporate events around the globe, Impact Factory's Motivational and Corporate Events Speakers have done them all!

We have dynamic, entertaining, provocative and imaginative speakers who can motivate, inspire, challenge and just plain give people a good time.

Our Motivational Speakers have spoken in front of groups from 6 to 600 and given talks on empowerment, influencing, presentation, going for your dream, career development, handling stress, managing change, the power of language, balancing life and work, and of course 'niceness' (we did write The Nice Factor Book after all!).

Impact Factory's Motivational Speakers

Tina Lamb is our Personal Impact expert who has a huge experience of speaking on the subject of "How we can choose the Impact we make on others". Funny, entertaining informative and worth every penny.

These are some of the very best interpersonal business skills trainers available today and can speak with knowledge and passion about any aspect of communication in the corporate world.

You name it, we can probably talk about it.

Motivational Speakers

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Motivational Speakers

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