Writing Effective Press Releases

Writing Effective Press Releases Objectives

  • What makes an effective press release?writing press releases training
  • Unpick some practical examples
  • Developing a unique and individual writing style
  • Writing clear, concise and compelling copy
  • Manage jargon, terminology and technical speak
  • Know how to self edit painlessly
  • Paying attention to accuracy, grammar and detail

Additional objectives according to need

  • The dynamics of communication and writing
  • Overcoming writer's block
  • Effective ways to structure writing
  • Appropriate tone for each piece of writing
  • Ways to engage their readership
  • Promoting writing confidence

Tailored Writing Effective Press Releases and Publicity Materials

Brand Values

It may involve writers firstly considering on whose behalf are they writing?

We'll also take time to look at how they want to promote themselves in terms of their own brand values. Each participant will identify a small change they could make in their writing in order to achieve a big impact.

Putting the Readership First

Absolutely, we will look at who the press materials are aimed at and how they are being addressed by your writings.

Writing Conventions and Protocols

Participants will make explicit for themselves their in-house writing rules and expectations. They also get a chance to pose all those questions about their writing they have never dared ask since schooldays.

Press materials in particular represent your company and the individuals within it. This course offers you a great opportunity to ensure that you and your teams are supported to achieve your very best publicity. 

Our Writing Effective Press Releases Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your company.

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Writing Effective Press Releases

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