Telephone Technique Training

Telephone Techniques Training Objectivestelephone techniques training

  • A telephone style that suits your personality
  • Create a professional impression on the phone
  • Being clear and concise
  • Getting a message across
  • Developing confidence on the phone
  • Be able to take the emotion out of a call
  • Demonstrate a desire to own the call
  • Take responsibility for each call
  • Take control of a call
  • Deal with difficult calls

Tailored Telephone Techniques Training

Our Telephone Techniques Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your company.

A typical call?

You've finally found time in your day to make the telephone call you've been putting off. It's a simple thing so shouldn't take long. You dial the number, you listen to the phone ring, you wait for someone to pick up, five rings, six rings. It feels like forever, but just when you're about to hang up you hear

"Hello." (Chewing, that's what it sounds like, but you let it go)
"Is this Company X," you say.
"Company X, yes that's us, hold on."
The chewing voice is replaced by disco music and then the line you dread
"Your call is important to us, we'll get back to you as soon as we can."
Five minutes later you're hanging up the phone, important to us my ****.

Making the most of every call

Hopefully your calls don't go like that. But it doesn't take much imagination to work out the effect a badly taken call can have on how you and your business are perceived.

And that's true whether you're making the call or taking one.

Whether you're cold calling for new business or taking a business call, it takes literally seconds for someone to form an impression about you and your company on the phone.

That's why being aware of how you come across on the phone can be the difference between making a strong, impactful, statement about you and your business and being just another call.

A telephone SOS

So if calls are so important who needs help handling them?

If you've had a day when every call you take or make seems like hard work, the answer could be everyone.

Maybe that's true.

Perhaps someone is new to the office environment and needs help with the basics like how to create a warm and professional telephone manner and take excellent messages. Or maybe the more experienced among us may be looking for help with the trickier areas of how to handle an angry caller or build rapport to increase business opportunities.

These days telephones bring new opportunities and challenges to the business world. Conference calls for example, are commonplace but come with their own set of difficulties. A few simple techniques can help smooth over challenges and make conference calls easier to manage.

Telephone Techniques

You see, a lot of telephone problems happen because when you can't see people's faces mis-communication and misrepresentation are so much more likely.

Understand what's lost when communication isn't face to face; and the how you come across, and you've moved a long way toward heading off problems before they happen. Add a few practical techniques and you'll have something to try if you find yourself on the back foot.

That's why our interactive Telephone Techniques Training offers simple tools and techniques. It'll help you raise your awareness of the impression you make on the phone and give you tools and techniques to keep you on the front foot.

Designed with you in mind, the course is tailored for each group of delegates so that you'll always get what you came for. 

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Telephone Techniques Training

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