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Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself

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Tell me about yourself

This is often a question asked at interviews. What then tends to happens is that the mind goes completely blank. Where to begin? What should you include? What should you leave out? How much do they want to know?

So this is certainly one question you can prepare for, because if there�s anyone who knows about you , it's you. No, seriously. You'll know the important bits and you�ll certainly know what bits could show you off in the best light. This isn�t about being arrogant, which is a fear people have, we know, "I don't want to look as though I�m boasting."

But there will be key things that you can tell your interviewer that will demonstrate qualities, skills and character.

Think of 'Tell Me About Yourself' as the start of a story about you: when you prepare for your interview, what story do you want to tell them? Is it a story about your job history? Is it a story about how well you work in a team and get on with your colleagues? Is it a story about initiatives you�ve done either at work or as a volunteer or with your kids? Something you achieved that made a difference. Or is it a story about why you want to work in the particular industry you've chosen?

It really doesn't matter what story you choose as long as it tells the recipient something 'more' about you. If you think about it in terms of a story you get away from a recital of facts. For instance, you could say, "After I graduated I went to work for ABC company and worked there for two years as a part of an IT help desk. Then I left and became a line manager at XYZ Company and managed a new help desk with a team of four. We had to provide support for about 150 staff. After three years, I moved on..."

Get the picture? No story, just the facts, ma'am and look how boring it is.

Here�s a story version: "After I graduated from technical college, I knew I wanted a job where I'd be working with people, so I was fortunate to get my first job as a member of a help desk. I think for the first year, I was hardly at my desk as I seemed to have been sent to sort out everyone�s problems and talk them through the solutions.

"That was really good training for me, because my next job was with XYZ and I was now managing a help desk team of four who were responsible for about 150 employees. It is true that the change from being in a team and then managing a team can be really challenging, and it was. Suddenly it wasn't just about the work, it was about how to deal with different personalities, it was about keeping people motivated and it was especially about dealing with how upset my team got when other people blamed them for their technical problems. I discovered I had a flair for problem solving that was more to do with people than being focused on techy problems."

Get the picture? Facts come to life and your interviewer has a far better idea of who you are. That's how you can make an interview a more interesting and informative process and increases your job prospects no end.

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