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FEREF - Presenting to Camera - TV Studio Presentation Skills

Presenting to Camera - TV Studio Presentation Skills

Liz McKechnie was asked by FEREF to work with the company to help each individual tell their travel story in a unique and dynamic way presenting to camera in the TV studio.

We used a green screen so that their stories could be enhanced by a backdrop of the places they were describing. These presentations were for their website so that their clients can have a sense of the people they are dealing with and the unique experiences they have to offer.

Each participant had a vast swathe of the world to cover, which was fascinating, but when it comes to storytelling it is the unique personal experience which is the key to the audience being drawn in and wanting to know more.

Liz created a presentation workshop where everyone worked on their personal presentation style. Then she helped them find a magic moment in their travels and describe it in a way that would bring their stories to life and make them extraordinary.

She then directed them through the process of presenting to camera in the TV studio making sure that they were relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. This meant they were able to enjoy the experience of presenting and represent themselves in a natural and authentic way.

Now Liz is inspired to travel to all the places we talked about. It's just a question of where to begin...

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Presenting to Camera - TV Studio Presentation Skills


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