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BP Helios Awards - Presentation Performance and Innovation

Presentation Skills

The Helios Awards are BP's global internal awards programme, open to employees worldwide, with about 1,500 entries each year. The entries are whittled down to 16 finalist teams, representing the very best of BP and the brand attributes of Performance, Progressive, Green, and Innovation. Impact Factory was asked to provide a two hour seminar to help the 72 finalists tell their story in an engaging, confident way to a variety of audiences and for a variety of purposes.

The goal was to create a module that was engaging and enjoyable whilst being underpinned with serious, business-like content.

As always, with Impact Factory, even though Liz led the seminar from the front, the work was highly interactive. The delegates were engaged in drawing, creating metaphors, and playing with language for effect. All of which was lively and fun but kept them thinking!

The final task was for each team to present the essential points of their projects in an original way using whatever props and means at their disposalfor an audience of students, or children.

The result was informative, imaginative, surprising, impressive, incredibly creative, and above all there was a whole lot of laughter in the room!

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