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Business Networking Skills

Tailored and In-House Business Networking Skills

Our Business Networking Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your company.

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Business Networking Training Objectives

* Building Relationships
* Joining and Leaving Groups
* Opening Gambits and Small Talk
* Using Open Questions
* Finding Common Ground
* Using Personal Disclosure
* Creating Trust
* Talking Up your Business
* Becoming a Networking 'Node'
* Networking Conventions
* Rule Breaking
* Building Confidence

Business Networking Skills

Here are some reasons why a Tailored Business Networking Skills course may be suitable for your company:

You have groups of people who attend conferences, seminars, social events and other networking gatherings where it is essential they 'mix and mingle' and make good contacts.

You have people who are uncomfortable in social settings and yet you need them to be able to talk articulately about your business and get themselves known.

You have highly skilled staff who have to network; they need to create their own contacts in order to build the business, but they simply don't have the requisite skills to flourish in that often difficult environment.

Business Networking gets a bad press

A lot of people think business networking is all about 'selling yourself' or 'working a room', whereas, for our money, networking isn't about that at all. It's about relationship building and making yourself and your company attractive to people in a way they hadn't realised before. It's about developing your business, not cramming it down someone's throat.

However, not everyone thinks they have good networking skills. They look at other people who appear to be at ease in the networking arena, and think, "Born socialiser. I could never do that."

As far as we're concerned, yes, you can. Good business networking skills can be learnt and are far easier than you might think.

At Impact Factory, our networking skills workshops won't turn you into an obnoxious double-glazing-type salesperson (they do get a hard time, don't they?). They are designed to develop skills you already have, tease out those areas where you do feel comfortable and confident and teach you simple techniques that will make networking fun, even.

The maxim really is true that 'it's you they buy' so we take time to look at you and your outstanding qualities. Everyone on an Impact Factory networking workshop gets input from their peers on what they can already see that would make you a good networker.

Since we know that most people just hate being in a situation where they might make a fool of themselves - saying or doing the 'wrong' thing, we explore some of the conventions and 'rules' about business networking. Then we look at breaking them!

Most importantly, we aim to make you feel far more in charge of the networking arena than you do now, so you can actually enjoy the process rather than endure it.

If you need your people to feel more confident in the Business Networking Skills arena we can tailor a programme to meet those specific needs.

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