Sheila Neville

is a Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Conflict Management, Coaching, Assertiveness and Communication

Like many Londoners, Sheila brings experience of another place with her. She was raised in Manchester. Visitors to Manchester say that the inhabitants are friendly and nosey in equal measure. Make of that what you will; it is also a city with a history of making stuff. 

Sheila embraces being a late developer and bring an eclectic cluster of skills and experiences to Impact Factory.

Her working life has been a series of forays which could be described as careering about rather than career progression.

Thinking she was somewhere on the artistic spectrum, Sheila had many part time jobs whilst running her own jewellery business.

Over the years she developed a way of combining her creativity with interests in relationships and communication. Jobs included: exhibition work to press monitoring for a media company; from HR to training; from teaching a communications course to tutoring counsellors; and from her own practice as a psychotherapist to the role of Clinical Manager and co-developing a web-based client management system.

Thirteen years ago Sheila qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist. Her nosiness about what makes people tick keeps her curious, enabling her to hone her skills and widen her perspective and knowledge.   

Initially working as a counsellor with individuals or couples, and over the years work has developed to include different types of teams. As a senior BACP accredited therapist, she has expertise in workplace mediation and team support, including critical incident trauma recovery.

Intense though this work is, it has helped Sheila develop effective skills, to work innovatively with people. What satisfies her sense of creativity today is knowing how to help managers and staff build on their existing resources and find ways to foster self reliance, resilience and better working relationships. 

  "Over the years, I heard of the work of Impact Factory through my City clients. I am both pleased and proud to be involved with a company delivering high quality training to people who intend to achieve above and beyond their existing capabilities."

In her spare time Sheila loves running outdoors, ‘hello trees hello sky’ and steadfastly curbs her urge to compete, relishing the lack of goals, direction or time restraints that simply ‘going for a run’ can bring.

Communication Skills Trainer

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