Maria Peters

is a Training Consultant at Impact Factory
Maria Peters was born and bred in New Zealand and comes to us with a background in radio broadcasting and audience engagement.
She started her career in radio broadcast in New Zealand as a breakfast host but her love of international travels called and in 2001 she decided to call London home.
Here she dived into live performance with a real purpose, she worked in the Science Museum designing and presenting science programs to reach teenagers across the UK.
Although Maria still continued with her love of radio with guest slots on BBC children's and other radio stations, she found her real passion lay in revitalizing a tired Museum sector and its outdated approach to delivering learning.
Maria's real talent is her ability to transform complex learning concepts into exciting educational experiences. Using this talent, Maria has worked on numerous projects for clients such as BP, BBC, Siemens, Shell, TFL, Volkswagen, in partnership with various charities and museums across London. She helps connect the corporate world with traditionally inaccessible audiences. 
Maria specialises in youth engagement. Running an award-winning program for 16-19 year olds at the London Transport Museum. She loves the variety and challenge that comes with working with audiences from all walks of life; the elderly, ethnic minorities, groups with special educational needs - You name an audience group and Maria has more than likely designed events to inspire and engage them.
One of her career highlights was working in Saudi Arabia. Maria was tasked to set up a school learning program for a new Science Centre called Mishkat. As part of the program women were trained to present science demonstrations to children. Traditionally this was unheard of as it broke many conventional gender norms yet the program became such a huge success that it continues to this day.
On top of all this Maria is also an avid comedy performer, performing annually at the Edinburgh Fringe and regularly gracing London stages as an improviser in her troupe Music Box. With a passion for entertainment, creativity and a real talent for engaging audiences with any content given to her, there's never a dull moment when she's in the room.

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