Katy Miller

is a Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Katy’s background is in performance; specifically theatre and music. Consequently she has had a huge number of other jobs (!) and brings a wealth of life experience to the role of trainer. From performing in the West End and the National Theatre, team supervisor for a Central London brasserie and managing an ad agency reception, to casting assistant, sales and admin, to teaching and directing drama students, to running a franchise of a national pre-school music group, her ability to adapt to any situation and communicate effectively with people on every level has equipped her well for the training room. 

The eldest child of a professional oboe player and a piano teacher, she grew up surrounded by music and musicians and studied piano and flute at The Royal Academy of Music. A French and Drama degree at Birmingham University led to two years at The Poor School, London, learning how to be an actor. 

Her acting work took her to repertory and touring theatres all over the UK, sometimes in classical roles, sometimes singing and dancing, sometimes dressed as a chicken, and in and out of other fields of work as the need arose, until her daughter was born and, partly to avoid doing the hoovering, she decided to take on the challenge of running a business, in the form of a Monkey Music franchise in North London. 

Fast forward ten years and joining Impact Factory has been a revelation, a place where the rich and varied nature of her working life turns out to be an asset in terms of the valuable insights it affords into human behaviour, where the other trainers have equally eclectic backgrounds and creative approaches to their work, and where her longstanding fascination with the interplay between our external and internal lives has found expression through the Impact Factory ethos and methods of working. 

Her particular areas of interest are Presentation and Assertiveness. Presentation because of the parallels with other areas of performance, in particular preparation, handling nerves, visual impact, creative content and managing the crowd. Assertiveness because as an adaptable, empathetic and intuitive individual, she knows from personal experience when and why some of us put others’ needs or wants before our own, and how hard it can be to change those deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour.

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