Janet Addison

is a Training Consultant at Impact Factory

Janet brings professionalism, maturity, thoughtfulness and fun to her work at Impact Factory. She even has a whole heap of initials after her name (DipPsych, MSc Occ Psych).

Janet was born and bred in Toronto, Canada. From her mid teens she became increasingly restless, realising that there was a big world out there full of different people and cultures which she duly set out to explore after receiving her BA in English Literature.

What was meant to be an eight month venture turned into a two and a half year expedition, taking in a great deal of Asia and Eastern Europe with many stints in London and a trip up Annapurna. 

In 1993, following a brief career in recruitment, Janet took the brave step to move to London. Once the travelling was over, Janet felt that a career in training and development would satisfy her need to work with people and to support their growth.

Following roles in training account management and internal consultancy; Janet completed an MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology. 

"to better understand what lay beneath the fascinating world of people's development and the context in which it sat." 

She enjoys the full life-cycle of analysis, design/delivery and evaluation and is passionate about the value of relevant and meaningful interventions.

Janet is a qualified in the use of psychometric testing (B+ in Hogan and OPQ) and strongly believes in the depth and value they can bring to coaching, talent management, team building and tailored development programmes. 

Working with Impact Factory enables Janet to employ her love of people, what makes them tick and support their development in a way that's fun, useful and truly unique. She's a firm believer that if something has meaning that it's far more likely to stick and that a happy facilitator is a good one! 

So far with Impact Factory, Janet has specialised in Assertiveness, Communication, Line Management, Appraisals, Presentation and Team-building, and some of the clients she has worked with include AKQA, The Physiological Society, SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies Trust) among others.

Janet's spare time is spent is generally with family (husband, son and cat), camping, planning festival trips or trying to enjoy gardening.

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