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Stress Management CourseStress Awareness Document by Impact Factory - pdf

One Day Stress Management Course

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This one day Stress Management Course is an opportunity to start managing pressure effectively and to develop an awareness of what tips you over from pressure into stress.

It's difficult for individuals and companies to acknowledge just how stressful things might be. People want to be seen to be able to cope even in the most demanding times.

We aim to identify, support and equip you to deal with pressure before it reaches a critical point and becomes stress.

Stress Management is run by: You, a colleague or a member of your team may be entering a new role, experiencing a step up in your responsibilities, covering for someone who is off, coming back to work or maybe you just have a lot to do!

This stress management course provides a confidential and off site environment where our sensitive and experienced trainers can help you identify and get to grips with the difficult situations that trigger stress.

You will explore practical, do-able things that you can add to your toolkit. Useful skills for those times when demands are high and deadlines are tight, helping you to manage the unmanageable without blowing a fuse!

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Stress Management Course ObjectivesStress Management Course

* See where you already manage stress well
* Understand the causes of stress
* What happens to you when you are under pressure
* Build awareness of how pressure tips into stress
* Understand stress led behaviours in you and others
* The impact of pressure and stress in the workplace
* Tools to manage pressure and minimise stress
* How to set clear boundaries
* How to manage your own assumptions
* How to pre-empt difficulties
* How to say no (being less accommodating)

Stress Management Course Programme

The course content may include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant to the delegates on the day.

The morning sessions are designed to give you an opportunity to identify where pressure begins to tip into stress, what physically happens and your default positions and patterns of coping with stress. It will also give you a chance to see where you already handle pressure and stress well.

Exploring Stress and Pressure

Your individual workload

This exercise looks at your own on-going workload when you're handling things. It then begins to explore the things that cause increasing pressure to tip over into stress. There is then discussion about how this is individual for each person.

Stress Its effect on us

An opportunity to look at the last time that pressure tipped over into stress. What happens to you and we glimpse some of our physical reactions.

Personal Pressure Awareness

In this part of the day you will construct a personal pressure scale a snapshot of where you are now. As the pressure increases what do you see in yourselves and others. We move into the realms of patterns of behaviour that can emerge under pressure. What do you display on the outside versus what's going on in the inside.

Handling Stress Tool Box

The afternoon sessions will consist of a variety of tools and techniques to help you deal more effectively with your pressure and that of others. We have brought together a wide selection of easy, quick tools that equip you for those times when the demands are high.

Reducing Stress by Saying 'No'

Doing less or being less accommodating

In addition we have taken one of the key areas from our assertiveness course to manage saying no (or just being less accommodating) in a way that suits you our art of saying 'no' programme.

Pre-Empting Pressure

This is an exercise that allows you to preview a project and pre-empt and prepare for possible outcomes. Our view is the best surprise is no surprise!

Handling Other Peoples Stress

Throughout the day you will be given opportunities to take a personal view of stress management and also to unpack, discuss and finally equip yourself to deal with colleagues stress.

This part of the day deals with managing other people's stress and stress in the work place. You will look at productive ways to engage with stressed colleagues, working to create empathy and understanding - and hopefully make the working environment better as a result.

Personal Stress Management Take Out

Each person will have an opportunity to say

What they are taking away from the Stress Management Course
What specifically they know they will use
Where they will practise

Final Stress Management Hand-outs


Managing Stress and Pressure

Web cards

These cards give details of access to our extensive library of helpful documents.

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