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Influencing and Negotiating Skills Course

One Day Influencing and Negotiating Skills Course

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This one-day Influencing and Negotiating Skills Course looks at Influencing and Negotiation as skills that work differently for each individual.

Influencing and Negotiation courses are run by Let's face it there are times when all of us need to get other people to see things slightly differently, or to get them to do something we need them to do. There are also times when we need to negotiate conditions, timings or price and here it can be vital to be able to get what you want.

Most people's jobs require them to influence other people a lot of the time. The best influencers have good interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to get other people to want to give their support. The best negotiators are subtle, fair and know what to give away, when to make demands and how to compensate when there are difficulties.

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Influence and Negotiation Skills Course

Influencing and Negotiating Course Objectives:

Influencing and Negotiating Course * Expanding your sphere of influence
* Compensation rather than compromise
* Personal Negotiation strategy
* Making impactful briefings
* Creating the right first impression
* Using pressure rather than coercion
* Seeing the other point of view
* Using status to stay in charge
* Knowing what to give away
* Creating a circle of champions
* Understanding group dynamics
* Giving positive feedback
* Making "weaknesses" work for you

Influencing and Negotiating Course Programme

The course content may include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant to the delegates on the day.


Introduction by Impact Factory on our style of working.

Delegate Input

Here delegates will be asked what they specifically would like from the programme. We will let people know that the workshop is adaptable to their specific needs.

Setting the Influencing and Negotiating Scene

Who do you have to influence?

Where and with whom do you have to negotiate?

What currently happens?

Influencing Definition

Building on their preparation, delegates define influencing in small groups. This moves into a discussion on how people are influenced.

Types of Influencing and Negotiation

A very brief look at different influencing arenas and types of negotiations people may find themselves in.

Influencing and Communication Dynamics

What skills and qualities does a good influencer need? How can we use aspects of the dynamics of communication to increase the choices people have around influencing.

Here we will also introduce the idea of covert vs overt influencing and negotiation.

The View from the Other Side

A key piece of work that uses a series of visuals to explore the idea that everyone sees the world differently. Not only does everyone see it differently, they think their view is the right one, and can't understand why someone does something that in a different way to them - it can feel completely alien and why would anyone want to do that?

The real skill is being able to see a problem from someone else's vantage point and deal with it from that place. Taking the time to see a situation from someone else's view gives us a great deal of information that we can use to influence them effectively and is much quicker than trying to convince the other person that you're right and they are wrong.

Bridge Building

This simple listening and responding exercise can have a powerful outcome. We examine the use of agreement, but not compromise, to diffuse conflict and 'charged' situations, and to move things forward. This exercise builds on the View from the Other Side work.

Influence By Numbers

This is quite simply the best exercise we have ever created where we look at what we call 'situational status' rather than hierarchical status. We demonstrate how to deliberately raise and lower your status to stay in charge of and/or to influence a situation. This can affect the outcome of conversations, meetings and negotiations, whether face to face or on the phone.

30 Second Influencer

This is a model which gets a message over clearly and concisely and is particularly useful if there is the tendency to increase the amount of words as the level of personal discomfort increases.

I Noticed That...

A simple model that's useful in trying to pre-empt difficulties or bring a tricky situation to someone's attention in a neutral, non-judgemental way.

Blame Vs Effect

We look at two approaches and the knee jerk reactions that are commonly caused by blame and how concentrating on the effect of something that has (or hasn't) been done can avoids this and so allows situations to move forward.


This is a quick exercise that looks at how changing your attitude can have a significant impact on how people respond to you.

The Art of Effective Messages

Here we look at delivering effective messages and at taking charge of the influencing arena by communicating clear surface and underlying messages.

Negotiation Rules

On flip charts, each person to list what rules they follow.

Which work best?

Which could actually get in the way? Why?

Where do you consider yourself weak or vulnerable when negotiating?

Outline a strategy that utilises the most effective rules you have.

Negotiation Tricks

Here we explore a variety of negotiation techniques to suit individual styles and situations.

Difficult Styles and Situations

Here delegates work on the personality styles that they find difficult to influence or negotiate with and we will look at delegates' own individual situations and give them the opportunity to practise all the techniques covered in the day.

Personal Influencing Style

Each delegate will identify their own influencing strengths and qualities and then receive positive feedback from their fellow course participants on what they perceive as their strengths and /or what they have seen them do that works for them.

Influencing and Negotiating Personal Take Out

Each person will have an opportunity to say:

What they are taking away from the Influencing and Negotiation Course
What specifically they know they will use
Where they will practise

Influencing and Negotiating Final Hand-outs


Influencing with Flair

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