What is Leadership really about?

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Leadership Development

What is Leadership really about?

Management Training and Leadership

If you have attended any kind of management training, be it management training courses or management training programs you might have noticed that all of them focus on leadership.

Management training courses and management training programs may even give out materials like pamphlets or booklets on the subject.

And, you take it all promising to read it but of course forget about it completely the moment you are out of the room.

What is leadership really about?

Does a leader really need to attend management training courses and management training programs?

The answer is yes and no. It all depends on the person and the management.

You ask hundred people about leadership and you will get hundred different answers but all the answers will have this point in common.

Simply, that a leader is a person who leads. And that is really the truth. But, what is it about?

Is it simply about leading people or there are lots of other factors that come into play?

This is what management training focuses on. Management training courses and management training programs are all about this.

First of all lets be clear there are no hard and fast rules that you can follow to become a good leader.

If there were rules the management training courses and management training programs would be telling you about these rules and all of us would be leaders by now.

But, there are certain skills a person possesses by virtue of which he or she becomes a leader.

The funniest part of being a leader is that you may not even know that you are a leader or that you possess the skills to lead.

For a leader it is just natural to lead and others follow.

Any management training program will tell you that leadership means responsibility. A leader is a person who is ready to take responsibility for the group, for the task he or she has to do. This means that others will look up to you to show how things are done, take initiative to solve problems.

It also means you will be the first person to be called in case of a crisis.

This is not just true for the management of a company but true in other fields as well.

A football captain who leads his team to victory, a leader of a country who leads her country to prosperity or a scout leading his team; are all leaders.

They are all ready to take responsibility.

The way a leader leads varies from person to person.

Remember that after all, a leader is also a human being.

And each human being is unique in his/her way.

How a person leads depends on basically three things the leader, the group that is being led and the situation.

An effective leader is one, who is alert to the reactions of the group, is aware of the circumstances around him and is aware of is abilities and reactions.

So, does this mean only people with natural skills can become good leaders?

Can others acquire these skills?

The answer to the first question is no and the second question is yes.

Just like, you can learn to swim or any other skill for that matter, you can learn to become a good leader.

That is why we have so many management training programs and management training courses.

They are meant not just to hone the skills of a natural leader but also to train others to become good leaders.

You can of course try and develop these skills on your own but how are you going to know whether your learning is effective or not.

For that you need the help of a professional.

Only a trained professional can gauge you and train you to grab the niceties of effective leadership.

There are many management training programs out there which can help you out.

So, next time your company signs you up for a management training program or a management training course, be grateful for the opportunity and grab it with both hands.

Keep in mind that these programs can make you a better leader.

Don't lose it or waste it away.

You may not get another chance.

This article was contributed by Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat provides management training to small, medium and large businesses.

Sean designs and delivers bespoke management training courses across the UK, Europe, US and the Middle East.


Leadership Development

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