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Take a Leadership Role

If you recognise there is a situation at your company that is headed down the wrong path, step up and offer to take the lead to correct it.

Somebody needs to right the ship, consider your options and step up and offer to take a leadership role.

This is often a tough position for anybody to be in, especially if your company has been struggling with this problem for a while.

Nobody wants to be in charge of a situation without any apparent upside or a portion of the company is floundering.

You need to get over these fears, and tell yourself that you can step up and makes things right.

The situation may be rough at the beginning, but you will be continuously energised when the situation starts to turn around and recognition follows.

There are a few strategic items to keep in mind before you jump in and decide that you want to "run the show".

First off, you will probably need to formulate and review your proposed leadership role with your manager to gain his or her buy in.

Keep the proposal simple by answering; Why I'm the right person for this position 5 times.

Upon completion of the 5 Why technique, you are now prepared for any questions or concerns that might be brought forward.

You will want to explain the situation to manager, and let them know that if given the chance, you will be fully committed to being successful and willing to do just about whatever it takes to help out.

At this point the decision is out of your hands.

Many times you will be told to brainstorm some ideas, come back and talk them over.

Other times, you may not be right for the situation and the offer to help may not be wanted.

This is not because you are not appreciated, but the timing may not be right.

Remember, if you do not ask or show your willingness, you may be overlooked for the next opportunity, don't give up.

It is better to express your interest as taking over as a leader, instead of sitting in the back and waiting until somebody asks.

Many times when people wait, somebody else ends up taking over, and you are left in the dust.

Taking a leadership role over any project, group or organisation is a great undertaking.

You will have a whole new set of responsibilities put on your shoulders, as well as many new problems that you have never seen before.

But, if you want to be leader, you must go after it.

Be honest, take responsibility for wrong and right decisions, and do not be afraid to ask for assistance from support organisations.

Good Luck, you will never know unless you try!

This article was contributed by Kent Jacobson

Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. "Mr. Success" is a trusted authority in the success field and provides valuable success information.


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