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Tapping Into Your Creativity Through Life Treasure Mapping

Life treasure mapping is a fun, active step for connecting with your creativity.

Your Life Treasure Map is symbolic of what you desire and wish to manifest or create.

Treasure mapping works well for tapping into your creativity because it concretely establishes a visual platform of your life's desires.

There it is in black and white and in colour, a hard copy of your dreams.

The pages stir excitement in your soul by representing your dreams in full living colour. It is the process of surveying, blueprinting, and building your dream in a symbolic, artistic manner.

Remember cut & paste in art class? Similar to art class in elementary school, life treasure mapping is fun, except it will have a powerful impact on your path of creating your life dreams and visions.

This process involves your focus on several levels. Find photos, words, and symbols that represent what you would like to create in your life and paste them thematically in a scrap book of your choice.

You may want a title on your book or cover it with material and make it a real treasure.

A poster will also work well because you can display it and see it every day. You may choose to design both a scrap book and a poster.

My Life Treasure Map is divided into theme pages: an opening section, life purpose, divine right relationship and family, and home environments that I would like for my life.

I have found words, phrases, and photos exemplifying what I desire. I found many representations of my life desires in magazines and books.

The left page of my opening section displays the lone word "hope." I discovered this word in a magazine resembling a child's handwriting.

The right-hand page features a phrase cut out from another magazine - it reads, "Well within your reach."

The next section is dedicated to my life purpose. It is filled with inspirational quotes and photos: Create the life you've always wanted, A stunning novel of spiritual awakening by the best-selling author, INSTANT MEMORY, You are greater than you think!,

The Blessings of Abundance, Woman Deserves The Best!,

Healing from Within, Reaching for the Skies, and a photo of a beautiful floral and lace dress. I even found my last name printed in a magazine and pasted it several times on the pages.

The next three pages represent my divine-right relationship and family life. Examples from this section include: When my youngest foster daughter announced her long-awaited wedding plans (Wow, how specific!); a photo of a puppy eating ice cream from a silver spoon with the caption,

Careful, or next he'll expect to be carried on walks (again, I felt quite a connection to this photo); a sticker that states, Something wonderful is about to happen; photos of pearls and quotes of love.

The next three pages are filled with photos of and quotes about my dream home and property. They include interior and exterior home photos. I dream of living in the countryside, so there are pictures of breath-taking landscapes of pastures, flowers, rolling hills, gardens and a woman picking flowers in a meadow.

Some of the notable quotes read: A Place to Call Home, Quality Worth Coming Home To, Tending to Your Dreams, A Countryside of Dreams, and Being Put Out to Pasture Isn't So Bad, As Long As You Own The Pasture.

The next page reflects my interest in sailing and the ocean, with photos of boats and a few quotes. One in particular that stirs my soul is, "Down harbour, round the point, was the open sea. Here was the freedom I desire, long sought-for, not yet known. Freedom to write, to walk, to wander, freedom to climb hills, to pull a boat, to be alone." (From Enchanted Cornwall by Daphne du Maurier)

I enjoyed creating my project, and I hope it will be as delightful for you.

Below are the materials you will need to begin tapping into your creativity and mapping your desires. Either purchase a scrap book or make one with a photo album you have at home.

You also need a glue stick, scissors, some of your favourite magazines and newspapers, and photos of yourself, your feathered, furry, and non-furry children, and whatever else you would like to include in your Life Treasure Map.

Locate and clip words, phrases, and photos of what you desire for your life purpose: home, divine right relationship, family or children feathered, furry, and non-furry.

Choose images that depict healthy living, vacation, or retirement property and any specific item such as a car, house, or other passion. Fashion them on the page. Some may overlap others, and photos and words may point in different directions.

After you have completed some of the pages, go back and look at these pages as often as you can. When looking at a hard copy of your desires, you will feel a connection to your dreams. This feeling, coupled with the thought and visualisation of already having what you want in your life, is helping you create your life dreams.

W. Jane Robinson is the author of The Divine Declaration Awaken to Your Divine Inner Power, Your Life Depends On It and co-author with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley and other experts in the book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. Having grown up in the state foster care system, she learnt about self-reliance and personal power at an early age.

This article was contributed by W. Jane Robinson

She holds a B.A. in Psychology, and human behaviour, motivation and spirituality have been the central focus of her education and life experience for 20 years. She has studied both areas academically and experientially. You may contact her at: Infinite Endeavors Publishing Company, PO Box 1236 Oxford GA 30054


Creativity and Innovation Training

Impact Factory runs

Open Creative Strategic Thinking Courses

Tailored Creativity and Innovation Training

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and personalised One-to-One Executive Coaching

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