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Interview Skills

You'll hear all sorts of rules about job interviews and interview technique:

People decide about you in the first 10 seconds

You have to make a good first impression

Always ask insightful questions

Learn as much as you can about the company

They'll probably ask questions designed to trip you up, so have some quick answers at the ready.

Not bad, as far as rules go: some of them make sense.

But getting the job you want isn't about following rules.

You see, there's really only one thing that's absolutely certain about interviews: unless they're simply going through the motions because they've already appointed someone, they want it to be you.

They want you to be the ideal person to fill the position; they want to know that their search is over.

Therefore, for the duration of the interview, the job is yours.

And that's where so many people chuck their chances away: they don't take enough care and preparation so that the interview is stimulating, informative and enjoyable for both parties.

Interviewees are usually nervous (though not all) and therefore they become self absorbed and self-conscious, which takes their attention off the job at hand and onto themselves.

It doesn't belong there. It needs to be focused on the interviewer and on the prospective job.

That way you can leave the interview knowing you did as well as you were able to at the time, rather than kicking yourself at what you could or should have done.

Believe it or not, interviews can be fun!


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