Ten Steps To Building Business Relationships: Gateway To International Business

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Building Business Relationships

Can you get excited about amazingly simple steps to networking to definitely expand your market internationally?

Could you increase more sales by reaching out globally? Wouldn't it be an exciting challenge if we outline these basic steps?

It has been an exciting and wonderful journey for me since I migrated in Canada.

I celebrated my third year anniversary and it's amazing how I've grown a lot.

One of the secrets is to associate myself with well connected people as well as individuals who are already financially independent or in the financial freedom path like I am.

These accelerated my success in a very short period of time in a new country.

This year, I've the privilege of being an apprentice by my multi - millionaire speaking coach who "coincidentally" is expanding his seminar business internationally.

He started off with Asia which fortunately is my original roots. I will be sharing the stage with him in Phuket, Thailand next month.

The topic?!?

Ten Steps to Building Business Relationships: Gateway to International Business.

Without further ado, here are some of my success secrets to be able to say that in building business relationships strategies that I use, I'm the best in the planet!

STEP 1: Meet 10 people per day. Spend a few hours every week networking online and offline. This is 300 people per month, 3,600 individuals annually!

STEP 2: Let's go international. Expand your network abroad not only in your local area.

STEP 3: Start a niche. Be first and go fast. Think of a market and provide value.

STEP 4: Develop your unique "souling" proposition. What is your 30 second elevator speech purpose?

STEP 5: It's a numbers game. Don't discriminate who is a "quality" connection.

STEP 6: Listen, listen, and listen. Get interested in people. You'll be surprised that you will be on top of their mind when you remind them about what they told you about them.

STEP 7: Refer people. Zig Ziglar said it best "You can get EVERYTHING in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

STEP 8: Stretch your comfort zone. Always do something that will make you feel "uncomfortable." You'll be surprised how bigger your comfort zone will be when you do this once a week.

STEP 9: Read, read, read. Most of my valuable connections I met through a book or an article that I bumped into.

And the last but definitely not the least:

STEP 10: Ask for testimonials. This will increase your credibility.

Remember, we're only six degrees away from the person who will be ready to help us get what we want. I guarantee when you do these simple steps, you're on your way to building better business relationships and expand your business internationally. Have a better and better connection!

This article was contributed by Lourdes Elardo

Lourdes Elardo is an infopreneur and professional real estate investor.


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