Impact Factory's Infamous Desire Pack

Impact Factory's Infamous Desire Pack

Careful how you use this, it could Change Your Life!

This is a sizable, thought provoking questionnaire designed to get you thinking about how you'd really like your life to be.

  • Shopping
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Personal life
  • Health
  • Money
  • Environment
  • Career

Use with Caution... 

This could change your life (Or at least make you think a lot about it)


  • There's no right way to answer these questions.
  • Do this on your own, with a group of friends or with a partner (if you have one).
  • It's OK to have more than one answer to the multiple-choice questions.
  • Be honest.
  • Think of this as a journey: do it at your own pace; think about it.
  • This isn't about scoring yourself; this is about life!
  • These sections aren't in any order. Skip around, answer in bits and pieces; it doesn't matter, this is for you.
  • Your answers may be contradictory. Just like life.

It's a bit big to reproduce on a web page and you'll probably want to print it out to fill it in, so you'll have to download the PDF version.

Here's the first section about Shopping

I  (fill in the blank) __________________________  shopping.

When I think of shopping I mean:

 Cars - Food - Knick knacks
 Gifts - Clothes - Furniture
 In a store - Books - CDs/videos
 On the Internet - From a catalogue
 Other   ___________________________

My favourite kind of shopping is:  

My least favourite kind of shopping is:  

Shopping makes me feel:

I shop:

 When I need to
 When I dont need to
 When I want to
 To make me feel better
 To excess
 Just the right amount
I like to window-shop:

 A lot
 A little
 Not at all
 With friends
 On my own

I save for what I want:


I spend before I save:


My friends would say this about me and shopping:

This is what I buy to make me feel better:

I feel guilty when I shop:

I am able to return something to a shop 
when Im unhappy with it:


Do I buy things I decide I dont want and then return them?   _________________

Do I buy things I decide I dont want and keep them?    _________________

Am I comfortable returning things?     _________________

Other shopping habits I have are:

Have I got lots of stuff I dont want/need anymore?   _________________

What could I throw/give away right now?
This is where I shop:

This is where I would prefer to shop:


And that's just shopping!

Click here to downlad the full programme (PDF)

Change Your Life

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