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Induction Programmes - Start as you mean to go on

Induction programmes

Impact Factory recently worked with Marks and Spencer Money in Chester helping them redesign their Induction Training Programme.

In a remarkably short time this programme went from somewhat effective, predictable and a bit dull to dynamic, engaging and thoroughly useful.

M&SM realised that the way new starters were introduced to their company would have a profound impact on their effectiveness and productivity once they actually started their jobs.

They knew they had a wonderful company to work for, but also knew that it was essential to reassure people right from the start that they had made the right choice.

With our help and support the M&SM team put together a dynamic and flexible programme.

The programme creates a warm welcome, ensuring people understand the ethos and ethics of Marks & Spencer Financial Services.

It doesn't bombard them with too much information and it takes care of their worries and concerns.

M&SFS made the programme fun and engaging, clarifying their key messages, involving 'local heroes' from within the company and making the programme adaptable and flexible to fit each new group of starters.

Impact Factory understands just how important good induction training is in retaining staff.

Particularly in the current economic climate, it is absolutely essential that companies begin as they mean to go on.

Get it right at the beginning and you have a much better chance of holding on to your best people.


Induction Training

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