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Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying takes many forms, but two in particular stand out that happen in the workplace.

Workplace Bullying type one

This sort of workplace bullying is when someone is genuinely having a go at you; who singles you out for abuse, who intimidates; who has a disregard for your feelings.

This type of person gets their kicks from kicking others, and to them unassertive behaviour is like a red rag to a bull.

If you don't stand up to workplace bullying, then they'll just bully you even more.

And, rightly, there are rules, procedures, tribunals and systems in place to help protect us from workplace bullies.

If this is the sort of workplace bullying you are suffering, don't hesitate to go directly to your HR Manager, Union Representative or whoever represents you in your place of work.

Workplace Bullying makes work one of the most unpleasant and anxiety ridden experiences around.

Who wants to keep going back to a place where you're the one chosen for target practise?

That's one kind of workplace bullying.

Workplace Bullying type two

The other common type of bullying in the workplace is when you think you're being bullied because people are taking advantage of you.

However, it is quite possible they're taking advantage of you because you haven't done anything to let them know it bothers you!

Letting workplace bullies know the affect their behaviour has on you is called boundary setting.

We set boundaries to let other people know how we want to be treated and it is important to recognise that boundaries are set for other people.

We say that a boundary is not set until the other person hears, understands and respects it.

Weak boundary setting usually takes place up in our heads, rather than to the workplace bully who needs to hear it.

Or if we do find the courage, we say it in such a way that it hasn't been heard.

If you find yourself saying "I've told him/her dozens of times, he/she just doesn't listen", then it's likely that you are setting weak boundaries.

But whether the workplace bullying is the first kind or the second, the result is the same.

Neither version is pleasant and both make life a misery.


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