Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video and Teleconferencing It's cheaper than flying the team half way across the world for the pitch, but conference calling is fraught with problems.

Add to that the extra dimension of video conferencing and you're also facing to the problems of cameras.

So unless you're a natural born actor, playing to a lens is not an easy thing to pull off.

So if you have to go via the teleconferencing route you'd better be sure of a few things first.

Technology breaks down, secondly technology breaks down and thirdly - you guessed it.

Even if it doesn't actually stop working it will break down your ability to get the message across and then check that it's been received and understood in precisely the way you need it to be understood.

People communicate best when they can see one another, when they can read your face, your eye contact and your body language across a table.

Don't forget that with teleconferencing, you have to replace eye contact with verbal contact.

Without all the visual signals, miscommunication is waiting in the wings for it's chance to "Et tu Brutus" you in back.

Never underestimate the power of using names.

People just have to answer to them, just like most people will automatically respond to an outstretched hand looking for a shake.

Keeping people focused and on-board is key to success.

Then there's the language problem.

A teleconference call involving several countries all communicating in a single common language is yet another bear trap waiting to snap shut on your million-dollar deal.It's all about establishing a protocol with good direction and a firm but fair

approach to keeping the callers on track and in position.

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