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How To Get The Perfect Job

Now where did I put that Resume

Generally, in the UK they're called CVs (Curriculum Vitae) and in the States they're called Resumes.

But whatever they're called, their job is to ensure you're taken notice of and people want to meet you to see if what's on the paper bears any relation to the real life person.

There is an expectation that most people stretch the truth of their resumes, sometimes just a little bit and sometimes the stretch takes it out of the realm of reality and into fantasy-land.

Our advice?

Don't lie

You may not get caught out right away; you might not even get caught ever.

But whether you're found out or not, you'll know that a porkie may have helped you land the job and there is always the danger the lie will come and bite you on the bum.

Resumes usually get packed way too full of detail so that the real you kind of gets lost in the minutiae.

People have to wade through that stuff, so think about telling a story, not just giving a list of facts.

A resume isn't really a resume of everything you've ever done (including your Primary, Middle etc schooling - no they don't need to know that!) - it's a 'sales' document.

Think about what makes you unique and find ways of weaving that through your resume.

Think about the people reading it and try to put yourself in their shoes - what do they need to know?

You want to compose a resume that will attract the people you want to attract and weed out the companies you wouldnt want to work for anyway.

Eye-catching, easy to read, informative, intriguing: if you can create a resume that fits those criteria, that's job done.



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