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When am I Going to get Headhunted?

Modern-day headhunters are more like marriage brokers or matchmakers: they join up the right person for the right job and vice versa.

A good headhunter will spend time getting to know an organisation, its culture, how it operates, its values and aspirations.

In turn, they will vet each individual to understand their skills, qualities, personality and abilities.

When it all goes well, the process is smooth because a lot of the hard work has been done ahead of time.

Many companies rely solely on headhunters to source all their employees; some for only one part of an organisation; some for senior executives only.

The organisations that do use headhuntrers want to feel secure that the very best possible people for their openings are identified.

The reality is that this can mean poaching someone who's with another company and enticing them with better salary and benefits, more prestige and greater power.

It's the headhunter's job to know who the best people are and where they are as well so they can tap the right talent for the companies that use them.

You can be proactive and seek out headhunters to find you a job.

And if you do decide to use a headhunting service it's good to remember that how you present yourself to these recruiters is crucial right from the start.

They want to feel confident that when they recommend you to an organisation that they are sending the best possible candidate for the job.

However, it is a two-way process and you also need to be rigorous in the questions you ask the headhunters to ensure that they send you to the job interviews you want.

In other words, make sure they don't act like pushy estate agents, who will show you any property on the books even if it's completely wrong for you.

Good headhunters are extremely skilled at what they do and can make a significant difference in helping people get the right job for them.


Interview Skills Training

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