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Interview Skills

What Does it Mean to be Employed?

Employment: what a charged word! I'm employed, I'm in employment, I am employable.

The delight as a school leaver when you get your first job and it's one you really want.

The relief if you've been job hunting for a while and someone finally employs you

The determination to stay in employment when times are tough and redundancies are being made, or when you yourself are going through a rough patch and you're not working to the best of your abilities.

Employment can be about having a job, any kind of job, or it can be about having a career, that develops over the years.

Employment gives you a sense of your place in the world if you have the job you want.

Or it can be the impetus to find a better one when you don't.

Being able to take care of a family (if you have one) or even just take care of yourself feeds a sense of self-worth and the knowledge you are making a contribution.

People want to feel they matter and being employed is one sure way to feel as though what you do, what you have to say, matters.

Being employed not only helps in terms of self-esteem, many studies show that people's social skills improve, their ability to communicate with others is enhanced, they can make life-long friendships, they can get involved in activities they may never even have thought of previously.

In addition, good employees really know how to look after their people, helping them develop a variety of skills, not all of them work related, offering all kinds of programmes from health care to outings and big company 'dos' to incentive schemes and after work jollies.

Employment can also give people a sense of community responsibility both within their organisations and externally in their own communities.

In many instances people work side by side with other individuals they may never have met in their everyday lives, so working gives them huge opportunities to meet a diverse number of fellow-workers.


Interview Skills Training

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