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Customer Service

Customer Service Perspective

Ever get the feeling from your ____________________

(fill in the blank as appropriate: bank, supermarket, garage, local council, hospital, etc.)

that they'd be much happier if they didn't actually have customers?

That you're a nuisance rather than an asset?

Sometimes it feels as though some of the people who 'serve' us have never heard of the phrase 'customer service'.

Or if they have it seems as though it means we're there to serve them.

Uninterested, uninformed, impatient or reading from a script that doesn't take into account our individual (and sometimes quirky) needs.

OK, we're probably exaggerating here.

But we know just how frustrating it can be when it feels as though we're in a battle to get what we want from our phone company, gas supplier, bakery, clothes shop or insurance company.

Call centres in particular seem to bring out the worst in most of us.

On the other side, we're equally sure that customers can be a right pain in the bum at times.

They can be demanding, inconsiderate, rude and unappreciative of all the work it takes to run a business.

The Customer is always right?

Who the hell said 'The customer is always right'?

They can't be.

Well somewhere in the middle of these two opposing experiences lies good customer service.

As 'servers' we need to have skills to handle those pesky patrons, make people feel taken care of, looked after and listened to.

Acknowledge good Customer Service

As customers, we have a responsibility to give acknowledgement when things are done well instead of taking them for granted; we need to show some patience and be really clear in the way we ask for what we want.

Most importantly from both perspectives is that all of have to develop the ability to see where the other person is coming from.

Our two points of view are simply not the same and wishing the other person would just see it our way won't work.

The interesting thing as far as we're concerned is that it's not all that difficult to achieve brilliant customer service.

Customer service is all about having a relationship with your customers (even if it's simply selling them a pair of socks), rather than seeing them as a trial to get through.

The aim is for people to love coming back and who will even forgive you your mistakes because they think you and your company are terrific.

And guess what?

The customer is always right, but then, so are you.


Customer Service Training

Impact Factory runs

Open Customer Service Courses

Tailored Customer Service Training


Fully Designed Licensed Accredited

Customer Service Training packages

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