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Customer relationships are at the heart of every business: how the people who keep your company afloat are treated.

That's what customers do: they pay your wages.

But too often we see customers as a nuisance, as difficult, even as incidental to the business.

We all go back to the people and places who make an effort, extend themselves and create some kind of connection with us.

When we have been well 'managed' we become good customers.

Because loyalty and trust are built, dealing with those who treat us well is something we look forward to and appreciate.

In turn, when you manage your customers well they will want to come back; they will want to deal with you or your company.

They will know that if they present you with a difficulty they're not going to get a blank stare, you won't get defensive or respond with, "Well, it's not really my problem."

Actually, we believe that if you create good, healthy customer relationships, people will even forgive you your mistakes (as long as mistakes aren't the norm!).

A couple of tips for building a good Customer Relationship

Tell customers what's going on.

If you don't have an answer to a complaint, tell the customer you don't have one yet, but you'll get one.

If you have to give bad news, just give it.

You'd be surprised how reasonable people can be when they're are told straight out about something, instead of hedging around or implying something might happen that you know won't.

Of course, there will always be unreasonable customers, but there's no point in assuming everyone's going to be difficult.

Find out what customers want

This seems so obvious and simple that it gets overlooked surprisingly often.

It's easy to assume what customers want without checking it out.

To compound things, we often give people what we want to give them (or think they should want), rather than what they actually need.

By finding out what it is that will support them, you are demonstrating concern and attentiveness.

If you're able to give your customers what they want, all the better.

When that isn't possible, it's still better to ask and make the try than to stick with your assumptions, which may or may not be accurate.

Give customers more than they expect

Not necessarily do more.

But keeping your relationships with other people dynamic means noticing what's going on with them and offering insight, ideas and support (if needed).

It means recognising and acknowledging their contributions.

In other words, by adding something they aren't expecting, you create or reinforce a positive impact.

You're looking here at the customer relationship equivalent of loyalty points!


Customer Service Training

Impact Factory runs

Open Customer Service Courses

Tailored Customer Service Training


Fully Designed Licensed Accredited

Customer Service Training packages

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