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In the USA they're now calling it 'the human moment'

That moment when businesses actually come face to face with people rather than using technology to get their message across.

For some companies this can be the most important contact they have with their customers.

Thus the proliferation of conferences, exhibitions, roadshows, public meetings and other events.

These are the expensive but necessary events that create an environment where companies and prospective customers can get close up and personal.

But even the smaller scale meetings, one-to-one discussions, sales pitches and presentations, these are all customer service opportunities for one live human being to meet another.

This is when first impressions are vital.

This is the moment when customers (and potential customers) need to feel taken care of, well informed and motivated.

Whoever is representing your company needs to have the skills and confidence to handle all manner of customer service situations.

They should be able to offer the best of service tailored to each individual.

From the curious to the demanding to the time wasters; from the boffin to the beginner; from the difficult to the eager.

They are all potential customers looking for someone to make contact with.

It's no longer enough for staff to know their kit and be able to talk at length about what the organisation does.

This is selling.

Customer Facing is 'the human moment'

Real customer relationship and customer service is far more than selling.

It's 'the human moment' when customers can actually experience what it would be like working with you and your people.

Those 'human moments' are opportunities to create relationships for the future of your business.

They are opportunities to demonstrate efficient customer service.

Opportunities to to create an "Ah! At last someone who can help me." moment in a potential customer.


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