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A Curriculum Vitae Won't get you the job - that's up to you.

So in order to get the interview, you need to create a Curriculum Vitae that reflects who you are not just what you've done.

Some of the most boring CVs are the ones that end up being an historical record, dry, factual and deadly dull.

Now if you're going for a relatively conservative job or a job with a relatively conservative company, you don't necessarily want to jazz it up too much, but at least give it some oomph.

Oomph helps you make an impact; oomph demonstrates, even on paper, what makes you unique.

Your Curriculum Vitae is like a marketing document

Think of your Curriculum Vitae as a kind of marketing document, an enticement so that people will read it and want to meet you.

Therefore you don't have to pack it with every single aspect of every single job you've ever done.

Take a machete to it and chop out the detail, and make sure that what's left is informative, intriguing and designed to get the reader to want to find out more.

You might want to create more than one Curriculum Vitae especially if you're hunting for a variety of jobs where you might use some of your skills more in one position than another.

Don't ask people to wade through detail that isn't directly relevant to the position they're looking to fill in order to find the good stuff that is directly relevant.

It's OK to let your personality shine through because companies aren't just looking for the right skills, they're looking for the face to fit, metaphorically speaking, as well.

Remember, a Curriculum Vitae gets you through the door.

After that you're in charge of actually getting the job.



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