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Team Work and the Individual - Team Building

Robin Chandler - Train The Trainer


Robin is a Founding Partner at Impact Factory. He is the driving force behind all the training and programme design at Impact Factory.




Team Work and the Individual

by Robin Chandler

There is a very glib thing that you often hear quoted about teamwork and that is:

"There is no 'I' in teamwork".

Now this may come from the best of intentions but it is fundamentally wrong.

It plays to the worst sort of idea that everybody is going to pull together and a collective effort will win through.

It enables the avoidance of work or responsibility.

There is not a team out there in the world that doesn't have star players, that doesn't have individuals with special skills and abilities which are relied upon by all to get results.

Most of the work done by teams is done by individuals in that team.

Without individual effort no "teamwork" would ever get done.

What a team requires is a commonality of "purpose" rather than an agreement to share the workload.

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