A Conspiracy to Keep Everyone Small

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Assertiveness and Personal Impact

By Robin Chandler

A brilliant colleague of mine, sadly now deceased, used to say that there seemed to be a conspiracy to keep everyone small.

By which he meant that we all seem to have entered into an unspoken agreement to behave ourselves and not make too many waves if everyone else does the same.

The result of said conspiracy is that we all have an easier time of it than if people kept sounding off about stuff all the time.

This is all well and good, but an unintended consequence of this "I'll be good if you'll be good" conspiracy is that you can't be big even when it might be a good idea.

You cannot be loud, you cannot be offensive, you cannot be angry, you cannot be outspoken, you cannot be anything that will make others uncomfortable.

Ray (my colleague) thought, not unreasonably, that people ought to fight this conspiracy, this agreement that they seemed to be in, but to which they couldn't remember signing up.

Ray thought, as I do, that people ought to be as BIG as their real self wants to be.

In memory of Eric Ray Evans

Robin is a Founding Partner at Impact Factory.

He is the driving force behind all the training and programme design at Impact Factory.


Assertiveness and Personal Impact

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