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Stevenage could easily be classed as the 'roundabout' capital of the UK. So apart from enjoying a drive though a town that feels closer to a ride on a fairground Whurlitzer, for us the most exciting thing about visiting Stevenage is that it's the home of Glaxo Smith Kline.

Why? Because this forward thinking and successful company is not solely interested in making profits but also in producing innovations that help improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

Just like us.

We too help people to improve their quality of life by helping them build their communication skills, enabling them to do more by raising their confidence and creativity.

And helping them feel better and live longer by encouraging them to identify and work from their unique strengths, thereby reducing feelings of stress which threaten health, well being and life expectancy.

GSK meets the same goals in many innovative ways which include: supporting health care around the world with their 'Community Investment Programmes' through funding, education, practical support and donations.

They are also keen to keep innovating to ensure that they double the efficiency with which they convert raw materials to finished products while reducing their energy and climate change impact.

Also, by looking to eliminate CFCs in their products and equipment by the end of 2010 they are demonstrating a solid commitment to environmental concerns. On top of this GSK are redesigning their production processes to eliminate the production of toxic materials.

So there's a whole lot of innovation going on behind their four walls.

That's why they called in Impact Factory to run our '5 windows of Creativity and Innovation' programme for some members of their Research & Development team.

The day began with our usual exploration of the word creativity from each individuals perspective, and people were quick to realise everyone had a different take on what that meant. We then moved on to our unique and experiential process 'The 5 Windows of Creativity', helping the team to explore 'How they are each creative.

Soon they were discovering that some of the behaviours they had previously thought were uncreative, actually had a key part to play in the process of Innovation.

This surfaced some interesting ideas and realisations engendering a new confidence in the team. We introduced our challenging and highly productive tools: 'The Obstacle Course' , 'Web of Words' and 'The Ideas Grid' and the team were soon generating more of those innovative consumer healthcare ideas GSK is famous for.

GSK are currently transforming their Research & Development to ensure that they not only deliver the current pipeline but are also able to sustain a flow of new products for years to come. Impact Factory is proud to have contributed to their cause.

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