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KBC Bank UK, part of one of Europe's largest financial institutions, KBC Group, caters primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises. KBC Group occupies leading positions on its home markets of Belgium and Central and Eastern Europe, where it specialises in retail banking and asset management activities, as well as in the provision of services to businesses.
The Bank sets great store by customer-friendliness. It prides itself on offering a high level of expertise and professionalism, and aims to provide the best solutions for its customers.

KBC Bank UK continuously tailors its products and services to its customers' needs and wants and with this in mind they approached Impact Factory for a tailored customer service course for their operations team, working on a consistency of approach for excellent customer service.

Impact Factory's Katherine Grice and Sara Jordan spent a fantastic two days at KBC's offices in London running this course.

Partly what made it so enjoyable was the open and up-for-it attitude of the team who worked with great enthusiasm throughout the practical and interactive course.

They were keen to share their ideas on what was already working and to try out new ways to defuse conflict and handle their emotions when put under pressure.

The lively and fun team are already skilled at making their customers feel listened to and supported but in order to gain a consistency of approach we explored exactly how this is done.

We looked at the skills needed in handling difficult calls and the tricky situations that can arise and the course offered fresh tips and techniques, which the team found very useful.

We were able to bring previous experiences into practical examples and gave suggestions as to the choices one has in dealing with any issues. We also worked on how to deal with the more difficult aspects around customer service like recognising when a customer would like to take matters further and how to deal with formal complaints.

To help understand what makes up excellent customer service the team recognised when they had received fantastic service and broke it down as to why.

This allowed them to see where they thought KBC was getting it spot on and where there was room for improvement.

Plus, the dreaded e-mail... during the day it was raised by the team that there was a lot of miscommunication through e-mail and a vagueness of approach, so between us we came up with a clear email protocol for KBC that everyone could follow.

At the end of each of the days the team members went away happy in the knowledge that they had new techniques and tips to try and that they were all singing from the same song sheet.


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